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Facile preparation of Mn₃O₄-coated carbon nanofibers on copper foam as a high-capacity and long-life anode for lithium-ion batteries

Yue, Hongwei, Li, Fei, Yang, Zhibo, Li, Xiuwan, Lin, Shumei, He, Deyan
Journal of materials chemistry A 2014 v.2 no.41 pp. 17352-17358
anodes, carbon, carbon nanofibers, catalysts, copper, copper nanoparticles, electrochemistry, electron transfer, foams, lithium batteries, manganese oxides, nanocomposites, potassium permanganate
Carbon nanofibers (CNFs) were deposited on Cu foam by a floating catalyst method, and a Mn₃O₄ layer was then coated onto the deposited CNFs via a hydrothermal process based on the redox reaction of carbon and potassium permanganate. The obtained architecture of Mn₃O₄-coated CNFs (CNFs@Mn₃O₄) on Cu foam was directly used as an anode for lithium-ion batteries without using any binder or conducting additive. The anode showed high reversible capacity, good cycle stability and superior rate capability. A reversible capacity of up to 1210.4 mA h g⁻¹ was obtained after 50 cycles at a current density of 100 mA g⁻¹. When the current density increased to 5000 mA g⁻¹, it could deliver a capacity of more than 300 mA h g⁻¹. The excellent electrochemical performance could be attributed to the unique morphology of the CNFs@Mn₃O₄ nanocomposites, which can buffer the volume change, decrease the contact resistance, shorten the ionic diffusion path and make the electron transport more efficient.