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Impact of elevated O2 and CO2 atmospheres on chemical attributes and quality of strawberry (Fragaria × ananassa Duch.) during storage

Yang, Mingyi, Ban, Zhaojun, Luo, Zisheng, Li, Junhao, Lu, Hongyan, Li, Dong, Chen, Cunkun, Li, Li
Food chemistry 2019
Fragaria ananassa, anthocyanins, carbon dioxide, carbon metabolism, fruit quality, hydrogen peroxide, oxygen, strawberries, weight loss
Modified atmosphere has widely been evident to contribute to fruit quality maintenance, however the correlation among these quality traits was less known. To explore main factors of elevated atmosphere and reduce the detection indexes, we exposed strawberry to either high O2 (80% O2 + 20% N2) or CO2 (20% CO2 + 20% O2 + 60% N2) atmosphere and compared quality characteristics. It was demonstrated that both atmospheres well maintained the fruit firmness, alleviated weight loss and decay rate. Elevated O2 maintained the polyphenolic contents and cell integrity by significantly decreasing superoxide and hydrogen peroxide levels. PCA analysis implied that HO treatment mainly affected oxygen metabolism while HCO affected carbon metabolism more. Significantly positive correlation was observed between weight loss, anthocyanin content and decay rate in elevated O2 and control groups. This study provided new insights into correlation and difference between impact of elevated O2 and CO2 to postharvest preservation.