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Development and validation of two robust simple chromatographic methods for estimation of tomatoes specific pesticides’ residues for safety monitoring prior to food processing line and evaluation of local samples

Hegazy, Amira M., Abdelfatah, Rehab M., Mahmoud, Hamada M., Elsayed, Mohamed A.
Food chemistry 2020 v.306 pp. 125640
acetamiprid, acetic acid, acetone, acetonitrile, etofenprox, flutolanil, food processing, fruits, guidelines, health hazards, hexane, high performance liquid chromatography, methanol, monitoring, pests, standard deviation, tomatoes
Combination of pesticides; acetamiprid, flutolanil and etofenprox are usually used for tomato fruits for protecting them against pest infection. Generally, pesticides, residues could be one of the health hazard sources. Two specific simple sensitive chromatographic methods are developed for simultaneous estimation of the concerning pesticides’ residues using simple economic steps of field sample preparation. The first method is HP- TLC method. Hexane: methanol: acetone: glacial acetic acid (8:2:0.5:0.1, by volume) is proposed as a developing system. The second one is RP- HPLC. Acetonitrile: water (75:25, v/v) is proposed as a mobile phase. The recommended methods are completely validated regarding ICH guidelines. Their means percentages and standard deviations of accuracy range 100.32 ± 0.89 to 99.27 ± 0.9. The methods’ repeatability and intermediate precision relative standard deviation percentages range 0.395–0.894. They are successfully applied for estimating the pesticides in pure and commercial forms and field samples.