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ABA effects on ethylene production, PAL activity, anthocyanin and phenolic contents of strawberry fruit

Jiang, Y., Joyce, D.C.
Plant growth regulation 2003 v.39 no.2 pp. 171-174
Fragaria ananassa, fruits (food), ripening, abscisic acid, application rate, dose response, ethylene production, quantitative analysis, phenylalanine ammonia-lyase, enzyme activity, chemical constituents of plants, anthocyanins, phenolic compounds, postharvest physiology, food storage, cold storage, fruit quality, color, firmness, hardness
Effects of exogenously applied abscisic acid (ABA) on ethylene production rate, phenylalanine ammonia-lyase (PAL) enzyme activity, and anthocyanin and phenolic concentrations in harvested strawberry cv. Everest fruit were evaluated. Colouration and firmness were also assessed on fruit held for 3 days at 20 degrees C. ABA treatment accelerated fruit colour and softening. Treatment with 10(-5) or 10(-4) mol ABA l-1 stimulated ethylene production. Anthocyanin and phenolic contents and PAL activity increased during storage, but more rapidly in ABA treated fruit. As a result, red colour development was accelerated. Endogenous ABA may play a role in strawberry fruit colour development during ripening through up-regulation of ethylene production and PAL activity.