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What Is the Use Value of Irrigation Water from the High Plains Aquifer?

Federico García Suárez, Lilyan E. Fulginiti, Richard K. Perrin
American journal of agricultural economics 2019 v.101 no.2 pp. 455-466
agricultural economics, aquifers, biomass production, heat sums, irrigation, irrigation water, temperature, High Plains (United States), United States
This study provides an estimate of the gross value of irrigation water from the U.S. High Plains Aquifer. We estimate a yield function for aggregated crop biomass production, based on county‐level observations for 1960–2007. This study found that irrigation increases total biomass yield in this region by an average of 51%. We estimate the average gross annual value of irrigation as of 2007 to be $196 per acre, for a total of about $3 billion across the aquifer. We also estimate that on average across the aquifer, exposure to 24 hours of temperatures above 33°C (one degree day) reduces biomass yield by 3%, with a value in 2007 of about $10 per acre.