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Sustainability of riparian zones for non-point source pollution control in Chongming Island: Status, challenges, and perspectives

He, Yan, Wang, Pengcheng, Sheng, Hao, Wang, Difang, Huang, Minsheng, Cao, Chengjin
Journal of cleaner production 2020 v.244 pp. 118804
design for environment, guidelines, nonpoint source pollution, pollutants, pollution control, riparian areas
Non-point source (NPS) pollution is one leading threat to water environment in Chongming Island. Riparian zones can be a promising candidate for NPS pollution control due to its low-energy and less operational-requirements. However, the sustainable operation and successful application of these systems remain a challenge. Moreover, there is still a gap in the understanding of these systems that is limited to achieve sustained interception of NPS pollutants. This research analyzed the current status of riparian zones in Chongming and discussed the sustainable design of riparian zones for NPS control in terms of plants collocation, substrates configuration and revetment structure modification. Combined with the particular hydrogeological conditions in Chongming, specific recommendations, strategies and future developments were provided accordingly. The present work will hopefully assist in understanding how and to what extent key factors are incorporated in design guidelines, and also help decision makers and engineers eco-transform riparian zones in the best possible way.