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Listeria monocytogenes inactivation in deboned dry-cured hams by high pressure processing

Pérez-Baltar, Aida, Serrano, Alejandro, Montiel, Raquel, Medina, Margarita
Meat science 2020 v.160 pp. 107960
Listeria monocytogenes, cold storage, cured meats, ham, high pressure treatment, pathogens, water activity
The effect of high pressure processing (HPP) on Listeria monocytogenes inactivation on the surface and in the interior of deboned dry-cured ham was investigated. Whole deboned hams were pressurized at 450 MPa for 10 min or 600 MPa for 5 min and stored for 60 d at 4 and 12 °C. In control non-pressurized dry-cured hams, L. monocytogenes counts decreased on the surface throughout refrigerated storage, whereas remained unchanged in the interior of the product. Treatments at 600 MPa reduced L. monocytogenes population by 2 logs on the surface and by 3 logs in the interior of hams. Minor changes in the physicochemical characteristics were found. High water activity in the interior of dry-cured ham might enhance the pathogen inhibition by HPP. Treatment at 600 MPa for 5 min in whole dry-cured ham allowed to reach the Food Safety Objective for L. monocytogenes according to the European and the USDA criteria in case of contamination during deboning.