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Antimicrobial Double-Layer Coating Prepared from Pure or Doped-Titanium Dioxide and Binders

Ran Li, Tony Jin, Zengshe Liu, LinShu Liu
Coatings 2018 v.8 no.1 pp. -
absorbance, active food packaging, antibacterial properties, antimicrobial packaging, binding agents, boron, carbon, containers, cross contamination, fluorine, food contact surfaces, food contamination, food spoilage, food transport, fruits, harvesting, light, microbial contamination, microbiological quality, nitrogen, paints, particle films, polymers, postharvest storage, surfaces, titanium dioxide, vegetables, zein
Fruit and vegetable containers with microbe‐free surfaces can be made by coating with titanium dioxide (TiO2) particles or nonmetal (C, N, B, F) doped‐TiO2 particles, using wear resistant polymers, such as zein, and paint, as the binders and to form a continuous binding phase. The doped‐TiO2 powders absorb visible light radiation, and thus possess a higher antibacterial effect than non‐modified TiO2 particles in environmental conditions. The study also presents a doublelayer coating to use less TiO2 particles in coating, while achieving higher antimicrobial activity. Containers with microbe‐free surfaces can stop cross‐contamination from infected workers or spoiled/decayed/contaminated fruits or vegetables, and thus are expected to be able to reduce the risk from microbiological contamination of fruits and vegetables during harvest in fields, and postharvest storage or transportation.