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Changes of Annual Precipitation and Probability Distributions for Different Climate Types of the World

Sharma, Chetan, Ojha, Chandra Shekhar Prasad
Water 2019 v.11 no.10
atmospheric precipitation, latitude, probability distribution, subtropics
Analysis of Spatio-temporal changes in precipitation (Pre) on the land surface of the earth was the focus of this study. Thiel-Sen median slopes and Modified Mann-Kendall (MMK) test were utilized to draw inferences. Majority of the regions were identified to show an increasing trend of annual precipitation except some of the low to mid-latitude regions in Northern hemisphere. The trends of wet-day frequency (Wet) were found in agreement with precipitation for most of the regions, but the inverse relationship was found for the subtropical regions of Northern hemisphere. These changes were examined for the world climate types based on Koppen-Gieger climate classes. Also, it was tried to find the probability distribution, which best describes the annual precipitation pattern in different climate types of the world among 21 commonly assumed probability distributions.