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Experimental study of flow pattern and sediment behavior near the intake structures using the spur dike and skimming wall

Moradinejad, Amir, Saneie, Mojtaba, Ghaderi, Amir, Zamanieh Shahri, Seyed Mahyar
Applied water science 2019 v.9 no.8 pp. 195
hydraulic structures, hydrologic engineering, sediments, turbulent flow
Channel junctions and lateral intakes are always caused turbulence in the passing flow. In this research, an experimental study was carried out to explore a possible method for sediment control for a series of skimming walls and a single spur dike, simultaneously. In order to direct the flow into the diversion channel and increase the skimming wall function, a single spur dike was utilized at the opposite side of the intake channel. The flow patterns for three conditions, including (1) without structures, (2) with skimming wall and (3) skimming wall and spur dike, are considered. The results showed that the use of skimming wall and a combination of skimming wall and spur dike makes it possible to direct the thalweg toward the intake port. In addition, by using the skimming wall, a trench is made toward the intake, which in turn increases the impoundment efficiency by 81% in the skimming wall combined with spur dike and up to about 66% for using the skimming wall.