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Two new species of Prosorhynchoides (Digenea: Bucephalidae) from Tylosurus crocodilus (Belonidae) from the great barrier reef and French Polynesia

Hammond, Michael D., Cribb, Thomas H., Nolan, Matthew J., Bott, Nathan J.
Parasitology international 2020 v.75 pp. 102005
Bucephalidae, Tylosurus crocodilus, fish, internal transcribed spacers, islands, mitochondrial DNA, new species, ribosomal DNA, French Polynesia, Great Barrier Reef, Queensland
We surveyed 14 individuals of Tylosurus crocodilus Péron & Lesueur 1821 (Belonidae) collected from the waters around Lizard Island and Heron Island, Great Barrier Reef, Queensland, Australia, and the waters around Moorea, French Polynesia. We describe two new species of bucephaline trematodes from them, Prosorhynchoides galaktionovi n. sp. and P. kohnae n. sp. They are morphologically distinct from existing Prosorhynchoides spp., with molecular data from 28S and ITS-2 ribosomal DNA, as well as cox1 mitochondrial DNA, further supporting our morphological findings. Neither species has been observed in other belonid fishes. The new species fall into the clade of species of Prosorhynchoides from belonids previously identified in Australian waters. These findings strengthen the observation that groups of bucephaline species have radiated, at least in part, in tight association with host taxa. There are now five species of Prosorhynchoides known from two belonid species in Australian waters. We, therefore, predict further richness in the nine other belonid species present.