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Free-standing cellulose film containing manganese dioxide nanoparticles and its use in discoloration of indigo carmine dye

Oliveira, Larissa V.F., Bennici, Simona, Josien, Ludovic, Limousy, Lionel, Bizeto, Marcos A., Camilo, Fernanda F.
Carbohydrate polymers 2020 v.230 pp. 115621
cellulose, dipping, discoloration, dyes, electron microscopy, films (materials), indigo carmine, ionic liquids, manganese dioxide, nanoparticles
In this study, we report the production of a free-standing film of non-modified cellulose impregnated with 12 wt.% of MnO₂ nanoparticles with less than 100 nm in size. The method here described can be applied to the immobilization of different types of nanoparticles. The film was prepared by dissolving microcrystalline cellulose in an ionic liquid followed by its regeneration by adding water to the former solution. Then, the wet film was impregnated with the nanoparticles by dipping it in a MnO₂ dispersion. Electron microscopy images revealed manganese dioxide nanoparticles distributed not only at the film surface but also in its interior. The cellulose film impregnated with MnO₂ nanoparticles was capable of efficiently discolouring an Indigo Carmine dye solution in 25 min upon ambient light. The film was easily removed from the dye solution and repeatedly reused for at least 10 times without losing its discolouring efficiency.