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Treatment technologies for pharmaceutical effluents-A scientometric study

Davarazar, Mahsa, Mostafaie, Amid, Jahanianfard, Dina, Davarazar, Peyman, Ghiasi, Seyed Asghar Bayat, Gorchich, Malihe, Nemati, Behrouz, Kamali, Mohammadreza, Aminabhavi, Tejraj M.
Journal of environmental management 2020 v.254 pp. 109800
databases, effluents, China, United States
Treatment of highly polluted pharmaceutical effluents is a major challenge all over the world for technical and economic considerations. In this study, scientometric study is performed on the application of various methods for the treatment of pharmaceutical effluents to explore further developments. In this regard, a total of 1964 documents were retrieved from the Web of Science (WoS) database using a set of relevant keywords to cover all published documents. The extracted documents were subjected to scientometric study including the contributed authors, publications, citations received, contributing countries and institutions as well as the subject categories. From the data retrieved, the status of scientific knowledge on the subject history and current trends were identified and scientific gaps were critically discussed. Publications in this area started to appear since the sixties and were considerably promoted around the beginning of 2000s. Scientific publications of years 1960–2018 followed sigmoidal trend. It was found that leading countries are China and the United States in terms of scientific output on treatment technologies for pharmaceutical effluents. Among the active journals published, “Water Research” has received the most citations. A detailed discussion on the science and developments in this field is provided including the potential applications of scientometry.