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Characterization of the microbiota in long- and short-term natural indigo fermentation

Tu, Zhihao, de Fátima Silva Lopes, Helena, Igarashi, Kensuke, Yumoto, Isao
Journal of industrial microbiology & biotechnology 2019 v.46 no.12 pp. 1657-1667
Alcaligenaceae, fermentation, indigo, microbial communities, microorganisms, multidimensional scaling
The duration for which the indigo-reducing state maintenance in indigo natural fermentation in batch dependent. The microbiota was analyzed in two batches of sukumo fermentation fluids that lasted for different durations (Batch 1: less than 2 months; Batch 2: nearly 1 year) to understand the mechanisms underlying the sustainability and deterioration of this natural fermentation process. The transformation of the microbiota suggested that the deterioration of the fermentation fluid is associated with the relative abundance of Alcaligenaceae. Principal coordinates analysis (PCoA) showed that the microbial community maintained a very stable state in only the long-term Batch 2. Therefore, entry of the microbiota into a stable state under alkaline anaerobic condition is an important factor for maintenance of indigo fermentation for long duration. This is the first report on the total transformation of the microbiota for investigation of long-term maintenance mechanisms and to address the problem of deterioration in indigo fermentation.