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Nanobubbles: Fundamental characteristics and applications in food processing

Thi Phan, Khanh Kim, Truong, Tuyen, Wang, Yong, Bhandari, Bhesh
Trends in food science & technology 2020 v.95 pp. 118-130
bubbles, food processing, foods, nanobubbles
The importance of nanobubbles (NBs) is widely acknowledged, along with their size and stability. NBs are tiny gas-filled cavities having unique physical characteristics. Excellent stability, high internal pressure, extremely large surface to volume ratio and high gas dissolution rate are the important features of NBs which lead to many promising applications in various fields of advanced science and technology.This paper reviews recent research progress relating to the use of bubbles with a scale of nanometers in food sectors. A focus will be placed on the current status of applications of NBs in food processing operations and associated applications. The characterization parameters with modern means of measuring and analysing the NBs are also summarised.Despite its remarkable characteristics, usage of NBs technology in food products is still limited and challenging. Based on this review, various potential areas and gaps for NBs research in food science fields are identified for further investigations.