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Preparation and properties of granular cold-water-soluble porous starch

Chen, Yun, Dai, Guifang, Gao, Qunyu
International journal of biological macromolecules 2020 v.144 pp. 656-662
X-ray diffraction, absorption, corn starch, crystal structure, freeze-thaw cycles, oils, scanning electron microscopy, starch, turbidity, viscosity, waxy corn
In this work, granular cold-water soluble waxy corn starch (N-GCWS) and granular cold-water soluble porous waxy corn starch (P-GCWS) were prepared by waxy corn starch (WS) treated with alcohol-alkali. Starch morphologies, crystal structures, turbidity, cold water viscosity, freeze-thaw stability and oil absorption capacity of N-GCWS and P-GCWS starches were compared. The results showed porous waxy corn starch (PS) was easier to prepare P-GCWS starch than WS to prepare N-GCWS. SEM showed that PS and WS became dent-twisted and tended to flatten with the increase of CWS. After alcohol-alkali treatment, the X-ray diffraction pattern of PS and WS changed from A type to amorphous and pores were remained on the surface of P-GCWS starches granular. Turbidity, freeze-thaw stability, viscosity, oil absorption capacity of N-GCWS and P-GCWS starches was shown higher than that of WS and PS. The oil absorption capacity of P-GCWS was higher than that of N-GCWS.