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The impact of dietary fiber and probiotics in infectious diseases

Yang, Huan, Sun, Yiran, Cai, Rui, Chen, Ying, Gu, Bing
Microbial pathogenesis 2020 v.140 pp. 103931
antibiotic resistance, antibiotics, dietary fiber, infectious diseases, intestinal microorganisms, probiotics
Although antibiotics are commonly used to treat infectious diseases, emergence of antibiotic resistant strains highlights the necessity for developing novel alternative approaches. Meanwhile, clinically, antibiotics can destroy the gut microbes balance, which is not conducive to the recovery of infectious disorders. As a result, recent studies have begun to explore potential prevention and treatment methods for infectious diseases, starting with more readily available dietary fiber and probiotics. Moreover, researches have shown the personalized nature of host responses to dietary fiber intervention, with outcomes being dependent on individual pre-treatment gut microbes. In this review, we will focus on the roles of dietary fiber and probiotics on infectious diseases, how probiotics and dietary fiber work on infectious diseases and then explore their mechanisms, so as to guide clinical consideration of new therapies for infectious diseases.