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Enhancing the removal of H2S from biogas through refluxing of outlet gas in biological bubble-column

Jiang, Xia, Wu, Jianping, Jin, Ziheng, Yang, Senlin, Shen, Liang
Bioresource technology 2020 v.299 pp. 122621
biogas, hydrogen sulfide, mass transfer, oxygen, sulfur
Biological bubble-column (BBC) is beneficial for elemental sulfur recycle from H₂S, but it’s difficult to remove high concentration of H₂S in biogas efficiently due to the mass transfer limitation of H₂S from gas to liquid. In this study, a novel method with refluxing outlet gas in BBC was investigated. The results showed that gas reflux greatly enhanced the removal of high concentration of H₂S (about 5000 ppmv) from biogas. The removal efficiency of H₂S was 88.0 ± 4.1% with the reflux ratio at 1.0, which was higher than those without gas reflux (58.4 ± 1.0%), when the inlet H₂S loading was 143.1 ± 4.5 g/(m³·h). Moreover, the removal capacity of H₂S improved significantly with the increase of the reflux ratios from 1.0 to 4.0 and achieved the maximum at 271.8 ± 2.4 g/(m³·h). This might mainly be attributed to longer residence time and enhanced the mass transfer of O₂ and H₂S from gas to liquid through gas reflux.