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Collagen-like sequences encoded by extremophilic and extremotolerant bacteria

Kananavičiūtė, Rūta, Kvederavičiūtė, Kotryna, Dabkevičienė, Daiva, Mackevičius, Gytis, Kuisienė, Nomeda
Genomics 2019
amino acid composition, amino acid sequences, bacteria, endospores, extremophiles, genome, phylogeny, surface proteins, temperature, tripeptides
Collagens and collagen-like proteins are found in a wide range of organisms. The common feature of these proteins is a triple helix fold, requiring a characteristic pattern of amino acid sequences, composed of Gly-X-Y tripeptide repeats. Collagen-like proteins from bacteria are heterogeneous in terms of length and amino acid composition of their collagenous sequences. However, different bacteria live in different environments, some at extreme temperatures and conditions. This study explores the occurrence of collagen-like sequences in the genomes of different extreme condition-adapted bacteria, and investigates features that could be linked to conditions where they thrive. Our results show that proteins containing collagen-like sequences are encoded by genomes of various extremophiles. Some of these proteins contain conservative domains, characteristic of cell or endospore surface proteins, while most other proteins are unknown. The characteristics of collagenous sequences may depend on both, the phylogenetic relationship and the living conditions of the bacteria.