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The Western Palaearctic Neocrepidodera (Coleoptera: Chrysomelidae) of the N. impressa and N. ferruginea species groups

Baselga, A., Novoa, F.
Annals of the Entomological Society of America 2005 v.98 no.6 pp. 896-907
Chrysomelidae, new species, insect morphology, female genitalia, insect taxonomy, taxonomic revisions, new status, taxonomic keys, geographical distribution, Morocco, Spain
The Western Palaearctic taxa of the Neocrepidodera impressa (F.) and Neocrepidodera ferruginea (Scopoli) species groups are reviewed. Twelve species are recognized, two of them newly described, N. carolinae sp. nov. from High Atlas, Morocco, and N. precaria sp. nov. from southern Spain and northern Morocco. Two other species are raised from the subspecific status, N. hispanica (J. Daniel) stat. nov. and N. peregrina (Harold) stat. rev., taking into account their constant marked external and genital differences with N. crassicornis (Falderman) and N. impressa (F.), respectively. A key for the Western Palaearctic region is provided, including external, male and female genital features for each taxon. Special effort was devoted to the identification of females, finding that vaginal palpi show useful diagnostic characters. Figures of pronotum, aedeagus, vaginal palpi, and spermatheca are presented for all species.