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Toxicological and Biochemical Studies on the Effect of Lufenuron, a Chitin Synthesis Inhibitor Alone or Combined with Gamma Radiation Against Spodoptera littoralis Larvae

Abdalla, R. S., Rizk, S. A., El Sayed, T. S., Sayed, R. M.
Entomological news 2020 v.129 no.1 pp. 71-80
Gossypium, Spodoptera littoralis, acetylcholinesterase, chitin, enzyme activity, gamma radiation, insect larvae, instars, irradiation, lethal concentration 50, lufenuron, monophenol monooxygenase, mortality, pupae
This study aimed to investigate the combined effect of lufenuron and gamma radiation against the cotton leaf worm. Full-grown pupae were irradiated with a substerilizing dose 100Gy, and the 4th instar larvae of the F₁ were used in the experiments. The results revealed that the percent mortality was time- and concentration-dependent, and the F₁ larvae were more susceptible to lufenuron than the normal larvae. The enzymatic analysis of phenoloxidase and acetylcholinesterase activities showed that the F₁ larvae treated with LC₅₀ of lufenuron exhibited the highest activity when compared to larvae treated with LC₅₀ of lufenuron or F₁ larvae. We conclude that a combination of gamma radiation and lufenuron could be an excellent integrated control program for Spodoptera littoralis.