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Effect of stevia level on chemical, microbiological, and sensory properties of dairy dessert (rasgulla) at different storage periods and temperatures

Kaur, Gurveer, Goswami, Tridib Kumar
Journal of food processing and preservation 2020 v.44 no.1 pp. e14293
Stevia, acidity, ambient temperature, antioxidant activity, antioxidants, cold storage, cooking, dairy products, desserts, free fatty acids, gallic acid, nutrients, pH, refrigeration, sensory properties, shelf life, soaking, soy flour, storage time, sugars, syrups, taste, texture
Stevia was evaluated for its effect on chemical, microbiological, and sensory properties of rasgulla during room temperature and refrigerated storage. Rasgullas were prepared by incorporating defatted soy flour as binding material with different level of stevia in cooking and soaking syrups. Five different rasgulla samples were prepared by taking different sugar to stevia ratio in syrups along with control sample prepared from 100:0 (CR). All samples were stored at room and refrigerated temperatures for 6 and 30 days, respectively. Chemical changes were analyzed for pH, acidity of syrup, free fatty acid (FFA) content of rasgulla samples, and microbiological load of rasgulla samples at each 3rd and 5th day of storage at room and refrigerated temperatures, respectively. The stevia level showed significant protection against formation of FFA and acidity development. Microbiological loads were lesser in count at refrigerated temperature than that at room temperature at high level of stevia. PRACTICAL APPLICATIONS: Rasgulla is a traditional dairy product enriched in nutrients. The demand of rasgulla is increasing because of its taste and distinct texture, but a major limitation is its perishable nature. To increase the shelf life of rasgulla, reformation of rasgulla has become a need. Stevia is a non‐nutritive sweetener and an antioxidant. Incorporation of stevia along with sugar at a different level in cooking and soaking syrups of rasgulla makes good dairy product for health‐conscious and diabetic persons. Besides, antioxidant activity (because of trolox and gallic acids) of stevia enhances the shelf life of the product. Study on the effect of stevia level on chemical, microbiological, and sensory properties of rasgulla during different storage periods at room temperature and refrigerated storage is an attempt to establish the new dairy product.