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Ischaliidae (Insecta: Coleoptera) in the Collection of the Natural History Museum, London

Telnov, Dmitry, Barclay, Maxwell V. L.
Annales zoologici 2019 v.69 no.4 pp. 785-804
Coleoptera, lectotypes, Japan, Malaysia
Ischaliidae (Tenebrionoidea) is a small, relatively poorly known family of beetles, with fewer than 50 described species. The Coleoptera collections of the Natural History Museum, London are among the largest and most comprehensive in the world, but the Ischaliidae holding is relatively small (136 specimens, 18 species). However, this collection is of great historical and taxonomic importance, since 12 of the 18 species present are represented by name-bearing types, and five are still only known from the type material and have never been re-collected. We here provide an overview of the collection, and describe and illustrate an additional four species new to science, from Japan, I. (s. str.) akaishisp. nov., and West Malaysia, I. (s. str.) dohertyisp. nov., I. (s. str.) micropssp. nov., I. (s. str.) semaisp. nov.Ischalia (s. str.) caerulea Telnov, 2007 is redescribed and a lectotype is designated for the type species of the genus, I. indigaceaPascoe, 1860. Selected type specimens of Ischalia are illustrated for the first time.