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Micropollutants in treated wastewater

Rogowska, Justyna, Cieszynska-Semenowicz, Monika, Ratajczyk, Wojciech, Wolska, Lidia
Ambio 2020 v.49 no.2 pp. 487-503
chemical analysis, drugs, ecosystems, ecotoxicology, effluents, humans, personal care products, risk, wastewater, wastewater treatment
Compounds such as pharmaceuticals, or personal care products are only partially removed in wastewater treatment processes. Large number of these compounds and their degradation products is out of any control. A small number of compounds are covered by legal regulations. Among the compounds non-regulated by law, the target compounds, as well as non-target compounds can be distinguished. In the scientific literature, number of reports on various target compounds’ determination is increasingly growing. This paper provides an up-to-date review on micropollutants present in treated wastewater and their concentrations found in literature in the years 2015–2019. Because the obtained results of chemical analyses do not adequately reflect the risks to ecosystems and consequently humans, the results of chemical analyses have been supplemented by a review of ecotoxicological studies. In addition, legal issues linked to contamination of treated wastewater and research related to identification of non-target compounds in treated effluents have been discussed.