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Flexible scheduling of reconfigurable microgrid-based distribution networks considering demand response program

Ajoulabadi, Ata, Ravadanegh, Sajad Najafi, Behnam Mohammadi-Ivatloo,
Energy 2020 v.196 pp. 117024
electrical equipment, electricity, operating costs
In future smart distribution grids, the number of microgrids can be increased within the network. In this paper, the optimal reconfiguration of microgrid-based distribution networks is modeled by considering demand response program to enhance the network scheduling flexibility. According to the proposed method, the optimal configuration of distribution network is determined to meet the best scheduling goals. Furthermore, the optimal state of interconnecting switches between microgrids and the main grid is determined as well. The optimal topology of microgrid-based distribution networks is given for each hour of operation, using optimal power flow. The results are obtained with and without demand response program that are applied to each microgrid. Different load profiles such as residential, industrial, commercial and official are considered and manipulated with suitable demand response programs. For better observation, various cases are investigated separately to meet the different goals considered by the distribution network operator. In the presented paper, the optimization aims to minimize total system operation cost and losses with optimal networked-microgrid reconfiguration. The effects of demand response programs are shown in the results of optimal topology of microgrids. To show the effectiveness of the presented approach, IEEE 85-bus modified test system is employed.