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Impact of irrigation water quality and envelope materials around drip line on emitter performance in subsurface drip irrigation

Al‐Mefleh, Naji K., Al‐Raja, O’badah F.
Water and environment journal 2020 v.34 no.1 pp. 14-24
dry matter accumulation, field experimentation, freshwater, irrigation water, microirrigation, sand, wastewater, water quality, water use efficiency
A field experiment was conducted to study the effect of water quality types of fresh water (FW) and treated wastewater (TWW) and envelope materials of coarse sand (CS), fine sand (FS), and control (CO) on emitter performance, dry matter yield (DMY), and water use efficiency (WUE) under subsurface drip irrigation.The main interaction effect of water quality type and envelope material on coefficient of variation, Christiansen uniformity coefficient, and emission uniformity was not significant (P < 0.05), but they have a significant effect on the average emitter discharge (Qₐᵥg₎, DMY, and WUE. The means of Qₐᵥg for FW with CS, FS, and CO were 7.13, 6.94, 2.65 L/h, and for TWW, they were 6.78, 6.84, and 2.35 L/h, respectively. The DMY under FW with CS, FS, and CO was 3083.87, 1367.95, and 417.45 kg/ha, and under the TWW, it was 2409.5, 1347.4, and 417 kg/ha, respectively.