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Numerical study of a heat transfer process in a low power heating boiler equipped with afterburning chamber

Judt, W., Ciupek, B., Urbaniak, R.
Energy 2020 v.196 pp. 117093
combustion, flue gas, fuels, heat transfer, streams
The paper presents a numerical study of a heat transfer process realized in a three draughts low power heating boiler for solid fuels combustion equipped with an afterburning chamber. The main reason for the proposed research is to define the character of an exhaust gas flow through the special construction of heating device at different levels of the heat loading. Heating boiler construction allows for dividing stream of the flue gases into two separated streams. One part of the stream is transferred directly to the afterburning chamber and omits first two draughts of the heating boiler, where the rest of exhausts is directed to. Authors simulated the limitation of exhaust streams division into the afterburning chamber in order optimize the heat transfer process. Obtained results showed that the character of exhaust gas flow strongly depends on the amount of heating power of the heating device. Changes in exhaust gas flow caused increasing of heating power obtained for the nominal load by 4.2%. Similar effect was not visible during heating boiler work with minimal level of the heat load.