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Novel reconfiguration approach to reduce line losses of the photovoltaic array under various shading conditions

Meerimatha, G., Rao, B. Loveswara
Energy 2020 v.196 pp. 117120
electric potential difference, power generation, shade, solar collectors
This paper presents a novel fixed reconfiguration scheme to reduce partial shading conditions in the Photovoltaic (PV) array. The proposed approach is based on Skyscraper (SS) technique, which implies that the physical location of the PV modules in the array is arranged using Skyscraper fashion so that it distributes the shading impacts across the array in order to increase energy yields. Various kinds of partial shading conditions have been taken into account to examine the effects on the proposed approach in 6×6 array. Further, the performance of the proposed arrangement is compared with the other existing array interconnections such as “series-parallel (SP), total-cross-tied (TCT), bridge-link (BL), honey-comb (HC) and Arrow-SuDoKu (AS)” by obtaining the several parameters like “global maximum power point (GMPP), the voltage at GMPP, fill-factor, shading losses, efficiency, and possible local peaks (PLP)”. In addition to this, a simple calculation is performed to evaluate the wiring losses for the proposed skyscraper arrangement. Lastly, the outcome of this paper demonstrates that the suggested skyscraper scheme reduces the loss of shading and increases the power production relative to the other array interconnections. Also, in comparison with the Arrow SuDoKu scheme, the proposed scheme is impacted by the minimum wiring loss.