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Zeolitic Imidazolate Framework-8/Polypropylene–Polycarbonate Barklike Meltblown Fibrous Membranes by a Facile in Situ Growth Method for Efficient PM₂.₅ Capture

Li, Ting-Ting, Cen, Xixi, Ren, Hai-Tao, Wu, Liwei, Peng, Hao-Kai, Wang, Wei, Gao, Bo, Lou, Ching-Wen, Lin, Jia-Horng
ACS applied materials & interfaces 2020 v.12 no.7 pp. 8730-8739
air filters, air pollution, filtration, particulates
Environmental pollution, especially air pollution, seriously endangers public health globally. Due to severe air pollution, air filters still face many challenges, especially in terms of filtration performance and filtration stability. Herein, a zeolitic imidazolate framework-8/polypropylene–polycarbonate barklike meltblown fibrous membrane (PPC/ZIF-8) was designed through meltblown and an in situ growth method, achieving efficient PM₂.₅ capture and high filtration stability under a harsh environment. After in situ growth, the PPC/ZIF-8 membrane could dramatically enhance the PM₂.₅ filtration efficiency without increasing the pressure drop; the PM₂.₅ filtration efficiency and quality factor were up to 32.83 and 116.86% higher than those of the pure PPC membrane, respectively. Moreover, through five filtration–wash–dry cycles, the PM₂.₅ filtration performance is still at a high level. This PPC/ZIF-8 membrane provides a new strategy for the preparation of an air filter with excellent comprehensive filtration performance.