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Use of the Migrating Birds Optimization (MBO) Algorithm in solving land distribution problem

Tongur, Vahit, Ertunc, Ela, Uyan, Mevlut
Land use policy 2020 v.94 pp. 104550
algorithms, computer software, land ownership, landowners, migratory birds, operating costs, system optimization
Land distribution is an important process in Land Consolidation (LC) projects where agricultural parcels are reallocated to predetermined blocks. Land distribution is a process that takes a long time, requires high operating costs, and conflicts between landowners occur frequently. The parcels are tried to be placed in the best and most appropriate place of the existing blocks by considering many parameters in the distribution stage. Therefore, the placement of new parcels in blocks is seen as an optimization process. In LC projects, this process is carried out manually by technical staff using a software and thus it becomes a process that takes weeks and even months. Various methods have been developed to solve this important stage of the LC projects. It is required to find the best solution, since this issue is an optimization problem. This study aims to develop a new land distribution method. For this purpose, land distribution were carried out by use Migrating Birds Optimization (MBO) Algorithm. Used land distribution method in practice and the results of the new developed method were compared and thus the usability of the method that developed by us was tested. With this study, it has developed a new and successful distribution method according to the preference of land owners.