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Usefulness of a Point-of-Care Analyzer to Measure Cardiac Troponin I and D-Dimer Concentrations in Critically Ill Horses With Gastrointestinal Diseases

Martín-Cuervo, María, Aguirre, Carla N., Gracia, Luis Alfonso, Barrera, Rafael, Ezquerra, Luis Javier, Martinez-Subiela, Silvia, Cerón, José Joaquín
Journal of equine veterinary science 2020 v.90 pp. 102965
blood serum, detection limit, gastrointestinal diseases, horses, point-of-care systems, troponin I
Point-of-care (POC) systems for the joint measurement of Troponin and D-dimers have not been studied in horses. The aim of this study was to perform the validation of a POC system (AQT90 FLEX) for the measurement of cardiac troponin I (cTnI) and D-dimers in the serum of horses with gastrointestinal diseases. The main objective was to evaluate whether or not this system can distinguish healthy animals from diseased animals. A sample of 33 horses was included in the study: control group (n = 10) and horses with gastrointestinal disorders (n = 21), which were classified according to their outcome in survivors (subgroup A = 9) and nonsurvivors (subgroup B = 12). Considering the diagnosis of the process, ill horses were classified into three groups: inflammatory (I = 7), obstructive (O = 9), and strangulating diseases (S = 5). The clinical usefulness of AQT90 FLEX was validated by the study of linearity, coefficient of variation, and detection limits. Later, concentrations of D-dimers and cTnI were measured. A significant increase in both parameters was detected in ill animals (cTnI: control: 0.014 ± 0.01 μg/mL, survivors: 0.27 ± 0.37 μg/mL, nonsurvivors: 0.60 ± 1.21 μg/mL; D-dimers: control: 104.90 ± 30.82 ng/mL, survivors: 1,217.22 ± 1,213.28 ng/mL, nonsurvivors: 1,613.67 ± 1,426.75 ng/mL), although there were no statistically significant differences in concentrations according to diagnosis and outcome. In conclusion, AQT90 FLEX POC analyzer can be used in horses with gastrointestinal diseases to measure cTnI and D-dimer concentrations. It is a quick, practical, and minimally invasive tool that helps in determining the severity of illness.