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Sensory descriptive analysis and consumer accetability of Godello wines from Valdeorras Aellation Origen Controlée (Northwest Spain)

Vilanova, M.
Journal of sensory studies 2006 v.21 no.3 pp. 362-372
consumers, white wines, sensory evaluation, descriptions, odors, flavor, viscosity, mouthfeel, taste, smell, consumer preferences, consumer acceptance, gender differences, principal component analysis, Spain
The objective of this study was to describe and evaluate consumer responses to Godello wines from Valdeorras (Northwest Spain). Twenty Godello wines were evaluated using sensory descriptive analysis. The consumers (n = 100) evaluated the aroma of Godello wines and a total of 36 attributes were cited, which were then reduced to 19 after the elimination of hedonic terms and nonpertinent attributes according to statistical methods. Consumers smelled and tasted the different wines and the intensity of each attribute was rated on a 0 to 9-point scale and scored their preferences. Apple, tropical fruit and drying were common sensory attributes among Godello wines. It was observed that there were important differences among consumers for most attributes, except for floral, tropical fruit, aroma intensity, silky, viscosity and fruit flavor. The statistically significant influence of gender on perception and acceptability was observed. The principal component analysis showed that the Godello wines were separated in terms of aroma attributes. Four Godello wines (GWs), GW1, GW2, GW8 and GW9 were the most preferred.