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Organic cultivation and farm entrepreneurship: a case of small tea growers in rural Assam, India

Deka, Nabajyoti, Goswami, Kishor
Agroecology and sustainable food systems 2020 v.44 no.4 pp. 446-466
case studies, crop production, entrepreneurship, farms, financial economics, growers, market access, organic production, tea, India
A few small tea growers in Assam, India, shifted to organic production of tea considering the ecological and economic benefits of organic cultivation. However, lack of sufficient training, technical know-how, inadequate experience, and market access posed serious threats to sustaining their business. Amidst the difficulties, some of these growers managed to overcome the initial problems of the production of organic tea. The present study uses a mixed method, multi-site, collective case study approach to understand the situation of these growers and to analyze it within the framework of farm entrepreneurship. The organic growers displayed entrepreneurial characteristics of being innovative, risk-taking, and opportunity seeking to overcome the initial difficulties. The findings suggest that the development of entrepreneurial skills among small growers would be crucial to promoting organic cultivation in the small tea growers sector.