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Using dietary reference intake to evaluate energy and macronutrient intake among young women

Fisberg, R.M., Morimoto, J.M., Marchioni, D.M.L., Slater, B.
Nutrition research 2006 v.26 no.4 pp. 151-153
women, young adults, nutritional status, nutritional adequacy, Tolerable Upper Intake Level, energy intake, energy requirements, Estimated Average Requirement, dietary minerals
The objective of this study was to investigate energy intake among young women, comparing this with estimated energy requirement and the distribution of macronutrients in the diet. An evaluation was made of 119 female nutrition students at a public university in the State of Sao Paulo, aged between 19 and 30 years. Their food intake was evaluated by means of a food record for 3 nonconsecutive days. For the calculation of the estimated energy requirement and acceptable macronutrient distribution range, the approach proposed by the Institute of Medicine in the United States was used. The energy intake in the group studied was less than the estimated energy requirement (P < .00). With regard to macronutrients, 12% of the students had a carbohydrate intake that was less than the recommended quantity. The energy intake in the form of fat exceeded 30% for 22% of the group studied. The within-subject variability in energy and macronutrient intake was similar to that presented by American women at the same stage of life.