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Injectable eprinomectin for cattle: Tick efficacy and pharmacokinetics

do Nascimento, Cristiano Grisi, Bragaglia, Gabrielle, Toma, Sandra Barioni, de Souza Magalhães, Viviane, Cid, Yara Peluso, Scott, Fabio Barbour
Journal of veterinary pharmacology and therapeutics 2020 v.43 no.2 pp. 171-178
Rhipicephalus microplus, cattle, eprinomectin, pharmacokinetics, ticks, Brazil
The aims of the present study were to evaluate the pharmacokinetic profile and efficacy of eprinomectin (EPM) against Rhipicephalus microplus in cattle of a new injectable form of EPM (Voss Performa®). The product was administered subcutaneously at a dose of 200 μg EPM/kg, in a single dose. The efficacy of EPM against R. microplus in cattle was evaluated through field and stall tests. Studies were performed to estimate the pharmacokinetic parameters of EPM with the purpose of better understanding the kinetics of the formulation. The formulation was effective in controlling R. microplus in both naturally and artificially infested cattle, providing efficacy greater than 95%. The results of pharmacokinetic study were Cₘₐₓ of 47.15 ± 22.20 ng/ml, Tₘₐₓ of 1.33 ± 0.492 days, T₁/₂ of 2.96 ± 1.212 days, AUC₀–ₜ of 228.08 ± 57.30 ng day ml⁻¹, and AUC₀‐∞ of 240.50 ± 58.44 ng day ml⁻¹. Therefore, the new injectable EPM formulation becomes an important alternative for the control of cattle tick in Brazil.