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Morphologic and molecular characterization of Gyrodactylus cyclopteri Scyborskaja, 1948, from Cyclopterus lumpus L., 1758

Pietrak Michael R., Michael Pietrak, Thomas Graham Rosser
Parasitology research 2020 v.119 no.3 pp. 879-884
Cylopterus lumpus, Gyrodactylus, aquaculture systems, breeding stock, eggs, fish culture, fish industry, hatcheries, juveniles, parasites, pathogens, redescriptions, risk, salmon, wild fish, Maine
Interest and use of the lumpfish Cyclopterus lumpus L., 1758, as a cleaner fish in salmon aquaculture has grown significantly over the past 10 years. This has resulted in an explosion of new hatcheries to supply juveniles to the salmon industry. Until recently, these hatcheries have utilized a significant amount of wild broodstock to source the eggs required. Importation of wild fish into aquaculture systems brings an inherent risk of introducing pathogens into the culture systems. Gyrodactylus cyclopteri Scyborskaja, 1948, was found on local wild collected lumpfish that were brought in to start a captive lumpfish aquaculture program in Maine. Little information on the identification or description of G. cyclopteri was available. A re-description of the parasite, supplemented with molecular data, was undertaken to facilitate future identification and support research on this parasite of an emerging, economically significant new aquaculture species.