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The CmbZIP1 transcription factor of chrysanthemum negatively regulates shoot branching

Yuan, Cunquan, Shi, Jingtian, Zhao, Liangjun
Plant physiology and biochemistry 2020 v.151 pp. 69-76
Arabidopsis, Chrysanthemum, auxins, basic-leucine zipper transcription factors, branching, buds, genes, leucine zipper, ornamental plants, shade
The basic region/leucine zipper (bZIP) transcription factors play key roles in regulating diverse biological processes in plants. However, their participation in shoot branching has been rarely reported. Here, we isolated a CmbZIP1 transcription factor gene, a member of the bZIP family, from chrysanthemum. Subcellular localization analysis indicated that CmbZIP1 is a nuclear protein. Tissue-specific expression analysis indicated that CmbZIP1 was principally expressed in apical bud and axillary bud. Expression patterns analysis results showed that CmbZIP1 expression was suppressed in axillary buds in response to decapitation but increased in response to shade. Overexpression of CmbZIP1 in Arabidopsis inhibits its shoot branching. In addition, expression of auxin efflux protein PIN-FORMED 1 (PIN1) and auxin signaling components AUXIN RESISTANT 1/3 (AXR1, AXR3) were significantly up-regulated in overexpressing plants in comparison with wild type plants. Moreover, the transcript expression of BRANCHED 2 (AtBRC2) was also significantly up-regulated in overexpressing plants compared with the wild type. Altogether, these results suggest important and negative roles of CmbZIP1 in shoot branching. Our study extends the understanding of the function of bZIP transcription factors in plants and provides valuable gene resources for improving the architectural traits of ornamental plants.