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Association between TLR2 Arg677Trp polymorphism and tuberculosis susceptibility: A meta-analysis

Jin, Xiaochun, Yin, Shuzhou, Zhang, Youtao, Chen, Xu
Microbial pathogenesis 2020 v.144 pp. 104173
Toll-like receptor 2, alleles, bacteria, case-control studies, confidence interval, genetic models, inflammation, meta-analysis, odds ratio, risk, tuberculosis
Toll-like receptor 2 (TLR2) is an important member of TLRs, which is significant in the initial of inflammatory response against bacteria. Several studies have been conducted to investigate the TLR2 Arg677Trp polymorphism and Tuberculosis (TB) susceptibility. Unfortunately, the results of previous studies were inconsistent.The aim of present study was to investigate the relationship between TLR2 Arg677Trp polymorphisms and TB susceptibility.The association between the TLR2 Arg677Trp polymorphism and TB susceptibility was assessed by odds ratios (OR) together with their 95% confidence intervals (95%CI).Six case-control studies were enrolled in the meta-analysis. Overall, significant association between TLR2 Arg677Trp polymorphism and TB risk were found neither under allele contrast (C vs. T: OR = 0.59, 95%CI = 0.28–1.23, P = 0.158) nor under recessive genetic model (CC vs. CT/TT: OR = 0.43, 95%CI = 0.12–1.51, P = 0.188).We conclude that TLR2 Arg677Trp polymorphism is not associated with TB susceptibility.