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Climate change patterns in precipitation over Spain using CORDEX projections for 2021–2050

Lorenzo, M.N., Alvarez, I.
The Science of the total environment 2020 v.723 pp. 138024
atmospheric precipitation, autumn, climate, climate change, spring, summer, winter, Spain
This work presents an analysis of the climate change scenarios in some extreme precipitation indices over Spain using simulations from the EURO-CORDEX project. Change projections of precipitation are evaluated for the near future (2021–2050) relatively to a reference past climate (1971–2000). Projections of annual precipitation show a general decrease in almost the whole region except over the central area where positive changes are detected due to a significant increase in winter. For consecutive wet days, an annual decrease is also projected over the country attributable to a significant decrease mainly observed in spring and to a lesser extent in winter. On the other hand, consecutive dry days are projected to be higher overall as a result of significant increases in spring, summer and autumn. Positive changes are also projected for the maximum daily precipitation during winter and autumn.