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Northernmost record of the rare brachyuran crab, Paragalene longicrura (Nardo, 1868) (Decapoda, Progeryonidae) from the Istrian Peninsula (Adriatic Sea, Croatia)

Iveša, Neven, Béres, Tibor, Török, Júlia K.
Decapoda, crabs, habitats, museums, spatial distribution, water temperature, zoogeography, Adriatic Sea, Croatia
Between 2014 and 2019, four specimens of Paragalene longicrura (Nardo, 1868) were accidentally caught in the Adriatic Sea near Pula (Istrian Peninsula, Croatia). These are the first records of the little known species from the northern Adriatic Sea, as well as the northernmost occurrence over its global distribution. We have collected all documented occurrences from the literature since the description of the crab, resulting in a total number of 85 known specimens. Upon comparing the habitat type and depth distribution of our specimens with the recorded sightings, water temperature, and not depth, appeared to be the major determining factor for vertical distribution. Twenty-nine specimens have been detected in museum inventories, but not included in published articles. Our discoveries increased the number of known Adriatic specimens from 7 to 11. For the first time, we compiled all available carapace measurements to get an impression of the size range of the species.