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Detection of Circulating Tumor-Related Materials by Aptamer Capturing and Endogenous Enzyme-Signal Amplification

Shen, Luyao, Jia, Keke, Bing, Tao, Zhang, Zhibao, Zhen, Xiaoxiao, Liu, Xiangjun, Zhang, Nan, Shangguan, Dihua
Analytical chemistry 2020 v.92 no.7 pp. 5370-5378
alkaline phosphatase, colorectal neoplasms, colorimetry, magnetism, metastasis, oligonucleotides, patients, prognosis
Circulating tumor-related materials (CTRMs) shed from original or metastatic tumors, carry a lot of tumor information and are considered as important markers for cancer diagnosis and metastasis prognosis. Herein, we report a colorimetric detection strategy for CTRMs based on aptamer-based magnetic isolation and endogenous alkaline phosphatase (AP)-signal amplification. This strategy exhibited high sensitivity and selectivity toward the CTRMs that express AP heterodimers (the target of aptamer, a potential tumor marker). For clinical samples, this CTRM assay significantly discriminated colorectal cancer patients (n = 50) from healthy individuals (n = 39, p < 0.0001). The receiver operating characteristic (ROC) analysis indicated the sensitivity and specificity reached 92% and 82%, respectively, at the optimal cutoff point, the area under the curve of ROC reached 0.93, suggesting great potential for colorectal cancer diagnosis and therapeutic monitoring. Compared with CTC assays, this strategy is simple and has the potential for point-of-care testing.