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Long noncoding RNA LCTS5 inhibits non-small cell lung cancer by interacting with INO80

Wang, Baozhong, Wang, Yanwen, Ma, Dan, Wang, Liping, Yang, Mengxiang
Life sciences 2020 v.253 pp. 117680
genes, lung neoplasms, non-coding RNA, small interfering RNA, therapeutics, viability
To investigate the effect of lncRNA LCTS5 in the non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC).LncRNA profiling was used to identify the novel lncRNA LCTS5. Viability and migration assays were implemented to evaluate the in vitro effect of LCTS5. Transplantation study was designed to investigate the in vivo role. Short hairpin RNA (shRNA) and lentiviral vector were used to alter LCTS5 expression.We identified a novel lncRNA named LCTS5 whose abundance is dramatically decreased in NSCLC. Overexpressing LCTS5 effectively inhibits viability and migration. Meanwhile, LCTS5 overexpression retards xenograft tumor growth and proliferation. LCTS5 interacts with INO80 to reduce INO80 occupancy at enhancer regions of multiple lung cancer related genes without affecting INO80 decay.The newly identified lncRNA LCTS5 impairs NSCLC progression and provides a compelling target for therapeutic intervention during NSCLC treatments.