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Sandwich-like, potassium(I) doped g-C3N4 with tunable interlayer distance as a high selective extractant for the determination of Ba(II)

Kang, Jing-Yan, Ha, Wei, Zhang, Hai-Xia, Shi, Yan-Ping
Talanta 2020 v.215 pp. 120916
barium, carbon nitride, graphene, marine fish, melamine, potassium, potassium hydroxide, Yellow River
Element doping is considered as an effective strategy to adjust the interlayer distance of graphitic carbon nitride (g-C₃N₄) and the element doped g-C₃N₄ can be applied in metal extraction. Here, a series of potassium(I) doped graphitic carbon nitride (g–C₃N₄–K) materials with modulated interlayer distance ranging from 3.257 Å to 3.198 Å were successfully synthesized by calcining the different doped ratios mixture of melamine and KOH. Interestingly, g–C₃N₄–K (Q₍ₘₑₗₐₘᵢₙₑ₎:Q₍KOH₎ = 7:1) composite achieves the optimal properties and displays excellent extraction capacity and selectivity for barium [Ba(II)]. It is attributed to the correlation between K dopants and interlayer distance of g–C₃N₄–K, which highlighted the effect of doped K on the decreasing interlayer. Furthermore, an original extraction method coupled with ICP-OES based on g–C₃N₄–K was established for Ba(II) and successfully applied in detection of trace Ba(II) in water sample from Yellow River and sample of sea fish.