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The multifunctional activity of water‐soluble peptides’ extract of Domiati cheese during accelerated ripening by Neutrase

Taha, Soad, El Abd, Moniur, De Gobba, Cristian, Abdel-Hamid, Mahmoud, Khalil, Ensaf, Hassan, Faiz-ul, Fathy, Doaa
Journal of food processing and preservation 2020 v.44 no.5 pp. e14434
Domiati cheese, accelerated ripening, antineoplastic activity, casein, cheese ripening, chymosin, dose response, functional properties, manufacturing, milk, peptides, peptidyl-dipeptidase A, sensory properties, soft cheeses, water solubility
This study aimed to through light on the functionality of water‐soluble peptide extract (WSPE) of Domiati cheese as affected by Neutrase (2.5 and 5 mg/L milk) in addition to rennin to accelerate cheese ripening. Antioxidant, angiotensin‐converting enzyme (ACE) inhibitory, and anticancer activities of WSPE during ripening were assessed. All parameters under study showed a significant increase during ripening in a dose‐dependent manner. WSPE from fresh or ripened cheese exhibited antioxidant, ACE inhibitory, and anticancer activities as a consequence of many bioactive peptides present. These bioactive peptides were mainly originated from α‐, β‐, and κ ‐ casein. The activities of WSPE were directly proportional to the dose of the Neutrase used for cheese ripening. PRACTICAL APPLICATIONS: Domiati cheese is the most popular and most consumable Egyptian soft cheese whether it is fresh or ripened. Cheese ripening acquires the desirable sensory properties as a result of the enzymatic degradation of its components, that is, fat and protein and as a result the release of bioactive peptides which exhibit special functions may influence consumer health. There is a wide variety of physiological activities induced by bioactive peptides. The functions of those peptides differ according to the enzyme used in manufacturing and for accelerating the ripening process. Due to the lack of information about the bioactive peptides in Domiati cheese, Neutrase was used in the manufacture of Domiati cheese to accelerate its ripening and produce a new type of Domiati cheese with high biological and functional properties and thus increasing the consumer health awareness.