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Rapid and on-site detection of multiple fentanyl compounds by dual-ion trap miniature mass spectrometry system

Kang, Manqing, Lian, Ru, Zhang, Xiaoyang, Li, Yuyu, Zhang, Yunfeng, Zhang, Yurong, Zhang, Wenpeng, Ouyang, Zheng
Talanta 2020 v.217 pp. 121057
beverages, detection limit, fentanyl, mass spectrometry, paper, screening, urine
With the increasing abuse of fentanyl and its derivatives, it is urgent to develop techniques that can rapidly detect these compounds in different types of matrices. In this work, we developed a miniature mass spectrometer-based method for the fast and on-site analysis of fentanyl compounds. Optimization of several direct sampling procedures such as paper capillary spray cartridge with a miniature mass spectrometry system enables sensitive analysis of multiple fentanyl compounds. This system was evaluated by analysis of fentanyl and its derivatives in several types of beverage, showing limits of detection (LODs) as low as 10 ppb. It has also been applied into analysis of fentanyl compounds on the surface of a dusty plastic bag, showing LODs of 1 ng/cm². A precursor ion scan method was also developed for fast screening of multiple fentanyl compounds. This system has also been applied in the analysis of fentanyl in urine samples.