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The effect of mono ethylene glycol on the top of line corrosion rate of low carbon steel in acetic acid and elevated temperature environment

Bambang Widyanto, I. Gede Bagus Eka Suputra Wiguna
Heliyon 2019 v.5 no.6 pp. e02006
acetic acid, carbon, corrosion, electrolytes, ethylene glycol, oil and gas industry, steel, temperature
Top of line (TOL) corrosion is a common corrosion case found on pipe that flows wet gas in oil and gas industry. The present study aims to evaluate the impact of mono ethylene glycol (MEG) on the TOL corrosion rate of low carbon steel in acidic environment with increased temperature. The study was conducted at temperature 50 °C and 70 °C in a solution containing 2000 ppm of acetic acid and 50 % volume of MEG. There are four types of experimental conditions with variation in the temperature and MEG content were used. The result present that MEG effectively reduce the condensation rate and TOL corrosion rate of low carbon steel at elevated temperature environment. This revealed that increasing of TOL corrosion inhibition effect along the experimental period. Moreover, the increased level of severity was associated with increased temperature. The results concluded that this procedure resulted due to decrease in condensation rate that is likely to reduce the supply of electrolyte for the corrosion reaction.