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Field Performance of Pinus radiata D. Don Produced in Nursery with Different Types of Containers

Ortega, U., Majada, J., Mena-Petite, A., Sanchez-Zabala, J., Rodriguez-Iturrizar, N., Txarterina, K., Azpitarte, J., Duñabeitia, M.
New forests 2006 v.31 no.1 pp. 97-112
Pinus radiata, forest nurseries, forest trees, plant containers, container-grown plants, root systems, root growth, dry matter accumulation, planting, seedlings, seedling growth, tree growth, wind, Spain
We have studied the development in nurseries of containerized Pinus radiata produced with different container systems in order to choose the most suitable system for producing well-balanced plants with an optimal root system. At the end of the production period, significant differences were found in morphological responses among the seedlings to the various container characteristics. Seedlings grown in containers that permitted lateral air puning presented less growth and lower biomass production. However, root deformations were more frequent and severe in plants produced in closed-wall containers. Field performance was likewise mainly affected by container type and plant growth rate, as faster grown plants showed more problems of stability than plants with a balanced root and stem development.