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Rheological and structural properties of cold-water-swelling and heated cross-linked waxy maize starch dispersions prepared in apple juice and water

Meng, Y., Rao, M.A.
Carbohydrate polymers 2005 v.60 no.3 pp. 291-300
starch, dispersions, rheological properties, starch granules, swelling (materials), shear stress, pasting properties, corn starch, apple juice, thickeners, hysteresis, chemical structure, flow, physical properties
The rheological and structural characteristics of dispersions of a cold-water-swelling (CWS) starch and a cross-linked waxy maize (CLWM) starch (3-5% solids concentration) prepared in apple juice and water were studied. At equal starch concentration, the mass fraction of CLWM granules was higher than of CWS starch, and that of either starch prepared in apple juice was higher than in water. The G' and G" vs. angular frequency profiles of both starches resembled those of dilute cross-linked gels. For both starches, time-dependent flow behavior was observed and the power law consistency coefficient K increased with granule mass fraction in an exponential manner. The first normal coefficient, Ψ1, of CWS dispersions exhibited stronger dependence on shear rate than of CLWM, probably due to the CWS granules being more deformable.