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Stabilization of sunflower oil by garlic extract during accelerated storage

Iqbal, S., Bhanger, M.I.
Food chemistry 2007 v.100 no.1 pp. 246-254
sunflower oil, garlic, plant extracts, food storage, storage conditions, antioxidant activity, linoleic acid, heat treatment, antioxidants, ingredients, chemical concentration, fatty acid composition, peroxide value, lipid content, lipid peroxidation, thiobarbituric acid-reactive substances, natural additives, food additives
Efficacy of garlic extract in stabilizing sunflower oil during accelerated storage has been studied. Extracts of garlic were prepared in different solvents; extract yield was in the range of 6.24-23.2% and antioxidant activity range in the linoleic acid system was 14.1-93.2%. Being highest in yield and antioxidant potential, methanolic extract was thermally evaluated by heating the extract at 185 °C for different intervals, i.e. 0-80 min and evaluating antioxidant activity of the heated extract in the linoleic acid system (71.6% inhibition). Methanolic extract of garlic at three different concentrations, i.e. 250 (SFO-250), 500 (SFO-500) and 1000 ppm (SFO-1000) were added to preheated RBD sunflower oil. BHA (SFO-BHA) and BHT (SFO-BHT) at 200 ppm served as standards besides the control. Weight gain (WG), antioxidant activity index (AAI), free fatty acid (FFA) content, peroxide value (PV), conjugated dienes (CD), conjugated trienes (CT) and thiobarbituric acid-reactive substances (TBARS) were taken as parameters for evaluation of effectiveness of garlic in stabilization of sunflower oil. Results from different parameters were in agreement with each other, suggesting the highest efficiency of SFO-1000, followed by SFO-BHT, SFO-BHA, SFO-500, SFO-250 and Ctrl. Results reveal garlic to be a potent antioxidant for stabilization of sunflower oil.