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Foaming Characteristics of Beverages and Its Relevance to Food Processing

Deotale, Shweta, Dutta, Sayantani, Moses, J. A., Balasubramaniam, V. M., Anandharamakrishnan, C.
Food engineering reviews 2020 v.12 no.2 pp. 229-250
aeration, beverages, bubbles, cold, foaming, foams, food processing, mechanism of action
Aeration in beverages, which is manifested as foam or bubbles, increases the sensory preference among consumers. They are either entrapped within the beverage or float at the surface. It is a unique feature that allows the product to garner considerable consumer attention and has been appreciated in hot as well as cold beverages. Recent studies have focused on diverse foam or bubble creation protocols, their mechanism of action, stabilization techniques, and application domains in various beverages. The role of surface-active components in foam formation and its stability are important in food processing. This exposition discusses the important findings on this subject, including methods of creation, sustenance, as well as analysis of foaming or aeration in liquid foods, and attempts to showcase their various dimensions. Recent developments on the various aspects of foam formation in liquid foods are reviewed and presented to aid in future research.